I am…


I am many things. I aspire to be many things. I have been many things. There is one thing I have not been, normal. Despite my occasional cry into the dark asking the Gods, “Why can’t I aspire to more NORMAL?!” Predictable I am not. This is a disclaimer—to my self above all, perhaps— in an attempt toward making my self feel better about my unconventional life. I have spent my years swimming against the current of “normal” for a girl born in Oklahoma.  That being said, I do know one thing…I do one thing well. I am a mother, and I chase moments for my kids. Moments that will hopefully define them. Most are by accident, some are calculated. This summer falls under the un-calculated. This summer I got to share a total eclipse of the sun with my children and my Person. If I had been attracted to “normal”, I suppose I wouldn’t have found myself there…in the shadow of the moon, crossing the sun in a phase of astronomy I know understand as “Totality”.

I am full of mistakes, some grammatical, some more offensive than the misuse of punctuation. However, I know who I am. I am a mother and someone’s Person. This is my normal. As a result of my abnormal normal, I found myself in the one place in America that was smack dab in the middle of a total eclipse of the sun—an event that we will never see again in our lifetime—with the people I love the most in the world. An event that words could never adequately describe, an event that literally made every cell on my body (and everyone else that was standing there) tingle and crackle with Life. Remember the Plasma Globe toy you had when you were a kid? It was just like that, but bigger. I am grateful for my propensity toward abnormal, because if I had planned it, we never would have been there.



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