Mom…Please Stop.

I am new to photography, and I’m totally obsessed with learning how to use my camera. Lately, I have had an impulse toward photographing people. The problem is, I am what they call an Introvert with Spectacularly Extroverted Coping Skills in a group setting. Effectively, I’m not so cool with asking folks to “say CHEESE!” Okay, I don’t know if that’s what they call someone like me, but it’s how I can best describe myself…to myself. However, there is one subset of folks that I have no problem demanding them to pose at any given point in time, situation, or space—my children. Especially when I get a new toy for my camera to try out. This weeks learning obsession has been a filter called a Grid. You put it on the flash of your camera and it gives this very cool spotlight effect that I really dig.

In this shot, my son was so sick of me making him pose, he just up and quit on me:


When I showed him that pic in effort to convince him he was helping me to learn in my old age, and how cool this light effect is he said, “Mom I look like a prisoner! Hold on!!” as he ran to grab the fine art photography book my Dad the Photog gave me so he could role play one. I was laughing so hard that the focus was all off, but still, that moment that we shared in hilarity shall live on in digital posterity. In particular when I show the collage to his prom date(s)….I’m sure he’ll have a rotation of them lined up.


I won’t be putting them in my portfolio to convince a bride to be to let me capture her big day. No bride would hire me in her right mind…but, the Unlikely Prisoner Series (as I have dubbed them) definitely have a place on my Fifth Wheel’s Wall of Posterity and I am most proud of them.


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