Been Around the Block…but…

I was born in Oklahoma. I have a passport. I didn’t live my whole childhood there. I’m not trying to sound ‘the martyr, whoa-is-me how did I end up speaking complete sentences’? but my mother’s family had a summer house in New Mexico,  and it was a convenient place to relocate a black sheep single mother, so I got lucky. Most people from Oklahoma don’t go anywhere, let alone live and go to school hearing Spanish and Navajo.  This is not a judgment, it just is what it is. I never did anything normal (and sometimes I wish I did), but I got lucky…I got to travel a little bit.  However, when I stumbled onto the Matador Network Travel Map I felt grey and not the 50 Shades of Grey in the good way kind. Sometimes, you need a visual graph to get you inspired to travel. Consider me inspired. What does your map look like?

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 6.42.23 PM.png


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