Sell it! Sell it ALL!


The last time I blogged I wrote about selling my house. I did finally sell it and as a result my life has changed dramatically and I have been wanting to write about it all, but where does one begin telling the story? So, I’ve decided to start with a 6 step guide. (….because, Oprah, I know you’re still out there!)

How to change your life in 6 simple steps:

1: Downsize. Trust me. Get rid of it. You don’t need 80% of the crap you are filling your house with. It’s going to be a pain in the ass. You know this already which is why you haven’t done it. You will agonize over throwing stuff away. You will rationalize why you should keep the handmade card your kid made you for your birthday when she was three, regress into childish tantrums, and want to hide in the closet sucking your thumb. You will  find yourself unconsciously growing the keep pile until you say to yourself, “I don’t have to do this now, I’ll start again next week.” I know. My “next week” lasted 3 years. But, I swear to you getting rid of the doily collection that your great grandmother crocheted will FREE YOUR SOUL. You don’t need that shit….hell, she didn’t want it either which is why she gave it to you. Oh, and your kids don’t want it either so don’t even try. What you will find is that the stuff you are holding onto that serves no purpose is keeping you a prisoner in your own home. Your Home is not your stuff. Your Home is your people.

2: Like something. Like something so much that it is the ONE thing that you think to yourself in the morning, “Gawd I can’t WAIT to do THAT today.” It might take you a minute to think about what that would be if you don’t already know, and if you already know what it is take another step and try something new. It should not involve buying a bunch of new stuff, because that totally defeats step number one people.

3: Kissing is important. (I just thought I’d throw that in there, it’s not really a Step but maybe it should be.)

4: Take a break from social media. If you are spending an hour a day on Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat or whatever it is…cut it down to 30 minutes. It is making you stupid. No offense, but it is because the time you could be spending doing something that is awesome to you, you are wasting watching other people actually doing their awesome.  And that, my friend, is making you stupid. Believe me, when I am posting pretty pictures on my Instagram I’m not stopping my fun to look through the news feed because that would mean I’m not living my awesome, just living vicariously through yours.

5: Take a risk. I moved into a 1975 Airstream with my 2 kids and my errant Dawg. It doesn’t have to be that out of the box…but maybe it should be. Risk taking is putting yourself out there and makes you vulnerable at times…but what do you have to loose? Well, you could loose everything taking a risk but you’re on Step 5 and started with Step 1 so you should be okay with loss by now.

6: Make peace with yourself. This one is complicated and not tangible. It requires taking Step 1 through 5 and failing them collectively many times. It requires an attitude adjustment and the humility of saying to yourself, “…well….maybe not today even though I did it yesterday. I know I can, but today I’m just not feeling it.” Tomorrow you will do better because, what do you have to loose? (You did Step 1 already.)


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